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Thank you

Losing is hard. It’s easier when you can hold your head high knowing you brought people together to advance a common vision and improve the administration of justice in Ohio. We did that. Thank you for your support.

We fell short of our goal of electing the first Democratic Chief Justice in a generation, but more than 1.7 million Ohioans affirmed our vision for a justice system that serves all Ohioans. 

I will continue to work to ensure that justice can be a reality for each of us.

Today, I am disappointed but not dejected. Mostly, I am grateful. Why?

  • For the love and support of my family, who was there through ups and downs all these 18 months of a hard-fought campaign.
  • For my campaign staff, who brought talent, energy and creativity to the cause and gave it everything they had. 
  • For the thousands of citizens who contributed financially to my campaign committee, helping us shatter the record of individual donations to any campaign in Ohio Supreme Court history with more than 16,000 contributions.
  • For the local organizers who helped us organize the Ohio Justice Tour, visiting 60 Ohio counties in the last two weeks of the campaign in every corner of the state from Ashtabula to Adams County.
  • For the thousands of people who worked countless hours writing and sending those beautiful postcards of support.
  • For my running mates, my “Sisters in Law,” Judges Terri Jamison and Marilyn Zayas. We went through it together.
  • And for you. If you are reading this now, you were there and supported this campaign in ways that may or may not have been seen but that mattered. Thank you.

There are four more years in my current term on the Ohio Supreme Court.  I will continue to fight to protect our rights and make the administration of justice more accountable for all Ohioans.

Thank you for your support and for all you do to make Ohio a better place.

All my best,


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