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Judge Jennifer Brunner Interviews Hamilton County Judicial Candidate Kari Bloom for Juvenile Court Judge

Yesterday, at our latest FLFL - Friday Lunch Facebook Live, Judge Jennifer Brunner interviewed Hamilton County Judicial candidate Kari Bloom, who just won her primary for Juvenile Court Judge about her work and experience working with juvenile justice and her campaign to become one of that county's two juvenile judges.  

Here's the video:  


As we wrote in our email to supporters leading up to the live broadcast:

Ohio's court system is self-regulating; that is, the Ohio Supreme Court oversees the operation of the entire state's court system.  As I campaign, I want to give you information about the state's judiciary.

There are many judges and judicial candidates who are running for trial and appellate courts throughout the state. I want you not only to know who your judges and judicial candidates are—I want to give you the opportunity with interviews of candidates like Kari, to determine for yourself their skills and backgrounds—so you can feel confident you are voting for candidates who are qualified to serve.

Here’s Kari Bloom’s background:
Kari Bloom holds experience over the last 10 years as an attorney working with juvenile offenders in the court she is running for.  Juvenile justice is Kari Bloom’s passion.  She interned with the Children's Justice Center as a student and became a juvenile delinquency trial attorney.  She has served the United States Air Force, negotiating contracts at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and she has worked a significant number of years as a public defender in Cincinnati.  Here are some of her plans for serving as a juvenile court judge—they include restorative justice components.

 We'll be interviewing judicial candidates from around Ohio throughout the campaign.  Know a judicial candidate whom you want to see interviewed?  Let us know and send us their contact information. We'll help get out news about the judiciary in Ohio and you can help a judicial candidate you support become better known.  We're all in this together.  

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